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"Attack of the Killer Blog!" - Developing a Social Media Strategy Part V

Be sure to check out Attack of the Killer Blog, The 5th installment by Rich. Be sure to check out the first 4 installments as well.

do-you-have-a-killer-blog?Okay, so this post ushers in the 5th installment of a series entitled 'Developing a Social Media Strategy.'

Thus far, we've discovered that "Social Media is a Conversation, not an Advertisement!"

We've explored "The 'WHY' of Social Media?" (Why Social Media should be a part of your Annual Marketing Plan)

The key strategy of "Taking AIM" (Audience, Image/Brand, and Message)

And becoming a skilled chef by serving up "Social Media Sushi"

This episode is called:

"Attack of the Killer Blog!"

Maybe you've just recently started your blogging adventure. You've heard all the hype and hoopla, and ended up here on ActiveRain. Perhaps you've even plopped down your hard-earned cash in order to subscribe to RAINMAKER status. You've tossed out a few 'posts' in an attempt to test the waters, but you're starting to question their effectiveness. You wonder if you're wasting your time and money.

You've observed others whose blogs appear to be very popular and draws tons of comments. You constantly hear testimonials of how people have received clients, closed transactions, and increased business due to their blogging.

However, your ship hasn't come in yet. You've attracted little, if any, new business through your blog, and you're beginning to think, "Gee, do I have blog breath?'

good-quality-content-is-kingFortunately, effective blogging is not rocket science. The path towards developing a 'Killer Blog' simply requires an understanding of the basic components of a successful blog, and your commitment to consistently invest the necessary time and effort.

So what are the basic key components of an effective blog, you ask?

Content is Elvis

One of the most basic and important elements of an effective blog is publishing good, relevant content - sharing information that is meaningful to your intended readers - writing articles that are engaging, interesting, practical, and helpful. One of my own personal catch phrases is 'Knowlegeable Empowerment." Many of the articles that I write contain helpful advice and insights from years of actual experience as a real estate professional. This content educates and empowers my readers/clients to make better, prudent, and informed decisions.

For additional reading: Kreating Kwality Kontent  Writing Quality Content

Keywords are Key (Full, but not Stuffed)

Achieving the right percentage of Keyword Density in your blog articles is another vital step towards improving your 'Find-a-bility' Factor (how well you rank with the search engines for your targeted primary search terms). Don't sacrifice readability by stuffing too many keywords into your post (keyword stuffing). Read through your article just prior to publishing. Does it have a natural or comfortable flow? Or does it sound more like a boring tech manual? There are several FREE tools online to help analyze your Keyword Density, like, SEO Chat, and Googelrankings.

For additional reading: pimp-your-blogKeyword Density

Pimp Your Blog

Consumers are fickle. In organic search results, you only have a few brief seconds to effectively entice and capture their interests, or they'll quickly pass over your permalink and choose something more to their liking. It begins with creating fun and alluring blog article titles that draw readers to your article. Then, equally attractive 'lead-in' teasers (excerpts) that  reveal a condensed 'Reader's Digest' version of what the full article has to offer. Nice aesthetic formatting also dresses up your article and makes them easier to digest. Good relevant graphics/pictures help to reinforce your message, improve the 'stickiness' of your blogsite, and provide 'Alt Tags' to further strengthen your keyword density.

For additional reading: Tantalizing Titles are Tantamount

readers-get-to-know-you-through-your-blog-writingGetting to Know You

The beauty of blogging is that it allows you to engage/converse with consumers and reveal parts of yourself to readers/potential clients through your writing. By reading your blog, a meaningful connection is made, a sense of familiarity is established. When you finally meet your client face-to-face, it's as if they've known you for years. The usually awkward and uncomfortable 'courting' period with new clients is effectively eliminated from the process.

For additional reading: The 3 Powerful P's of Blogging

Dare You To Move  (listen to Switchfoot during this point)

A good way to close your blog post is with some form of 'Call to Action.' What next step(s) do you want your reader/potential client to take? What action will best reinforce or apply the information you have provided them in your post? It may be something as simple as subscribing to your blog or RSS feed. It may be an open-ended question designed to solicit comments.

For additional reading: What's Your Call-to-Action Doing for You?

ACTION POINT:  So what is one thing you've learned here that you can begin to implement today as part of your social media strategy for 2010?

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Blogging since 2005, Rich has published over 1000 articles, most related to real estate. He enjoys using the tools of social media to brag/boast about the quality of Life on the picturesque Kitsap Peninsula in scenic WA State. He is a licensed real estate professional providing knowledgeable empowerment and relentless representation for his clients of residential properties and vacant land throughout all of Kitsap County WA and portions of Pierce, Mason, and Jefferson Counties. You can also find him at, SOUNDBITEBLOG, Crabbing in the Hood, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail:


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